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People with removable body parts
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Stuck With Love, Part 2
"What the fuck is this?!"
The girls, who were now conjoined, panicked and tried desperately to push away from each other and separate. But they were stuck, almost as if they'd used industrial-strength glue on themselves. And most of us probably know how stuck they get.
"Get off me!" Dani yelled, uselessly shoving Carol."I bet you did this to us! It's probably your fetish or something!"
"Fetish?! You're the one who's a lesbian here!" Carol snapped.
"Did you seriously just call me that?! And you said it like it's a bad thing too!"
"Ugh, just get off me!" Carol tried pushing her away, but they were too close. "There's no way in hell I'm staying stuck to you!"
"For once in my life, I agree with you!" Dani spat."I can't be conjoined with someone who pisses me off as much as you!"
Both girls tried walking, but couldn't even move their legs at this point. After multiple attempts, they gave up.
"Shit, we're stuck!" Dani was visibly annoyed. Every time she looked up, she had to look at Car
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Well, it looks like February just zipped by for me. Plenty going on in "real-life" that kept me busy and away from producing anything significant. Things are looking up for March though! Having said that, I did manage to spend most of my day yesterday goofing off and loitering around discord and the like. Kind of inspired this Deviation.
  Julienne Relaxing by Evil-Frank

Anyhow, back on track, and back to Safety Protocols 5 work moving forward. There's quite likely to be a bit of a surprise in this chapter too, and other than revealing that there might be one, I wont say anything more about it. That should get some of you wondering about it for a while. And hopefully it wont be too much of a while that you have to wait.

In other related news, wrohrer has been quite busy lately busting out quality video content for the NBM fanbase. He's gone to the effort of hiring models, producing scrips, filming and editing the whole production. I'd highly recommend visiting his webstore to check it out. As it stands at the moment, I think he's the only one producing this kind of content specifically for this community.

Well, back to the rendercave for me. There may be a few random one-offs pop up here and there, but if things go quiet again there's a good chance its just rendering eating my time.

- Frank
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Wow! A gifted month of Core membership! Whoever was the anonymous gifter, thankyou very much!
So, this has been the bulk of my day today...  -->

I'm sure you can guess what that means. Waiting on 29/148 at the moment.


Evil Frank
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The details of my life are quite inconsequential... very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low... No not really.

The truth is far more mundane. I'm just a regular Joe trying to make my way in this crazy world. As those of you who browse my gallery are no doubt aware, I do have a bit of an unusual fascination with the strange and different. And as a result of that fascination, I've made my fair share of contributions back to the internet too. The number of pageviews I've had leads me to believe that there are actually a lot more out there with similar strange fascinations than is openly admitted. It's to be expected that these people would keep quiet though, I guess!

So, while my contributions may be strange to some, and possibly distasteful to others, they are merely a harmless expression of my own strangeness. If you enjoy them, I invite you to pull up a chair and get some Cheetos because there will always be more. However, if you're not into this type of expression, there's always the mainstream media that would be more than happy to oblige you.

So, welcome to my little corner of the internet. Enjoy your stay. Try the fish.


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